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 Mistress picks up the remote I watch as she says the word: ’Mannequin’ the toiches the back of my back again but I feel no different.
Mistress takes my left arm and lifts it up then let go but tia time it don’t fall back to the floor it stays in position: “Now you are fully posable.
Mistress smiles and moves me to a sitting position with my arms propping me up and then crosses my legs covering my new pussy so they say: “keep your modesty.

Then a playful smirk crosses Mistress face. “Or not…” And she spreads my legs wide.

Well I gave you your last orgasm as a male, Now I will give you your first two orgasms as a woman… Your body is much more sensitive than it was.. More so than any male or natural female. Most women don’t just orgasm from physical stimulation, especially when traumatized, but.. you do!
Mistress moves in closer and faces me face to face if I could of moved my eyes I’d of looked away in embarrassment and anger but I couldn’t then it happened. My body started to work against my mind and the tingly feeling it sent all over. OMG I getting turned on by this ! “WTF NO ! stop this stupid body” I screem to my self in my mind.
Mistress then places a finger in my clit shockwaves are sent all over my body it is like heaven and hell at the same time. I really really love the sensation and want more but at the same time can’t move or react with my body.
All of a sudden Mistress presses with her finger and my whole body erupts in to pleasure wow it feels so amazing but still I can’t move if I could I’d be flat out on the floor trembling as the orgasm shoots around my body but all I can do is stare in to Mistress eyes as she smirks and smiles at me mockingley.
Im a prisoner inside my own body that is fully controlled by my evil Mistress, Mistress Dyvia.



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