Reply To: A Case of Mistaken Identity


“Let’s make this a surprise for him,” a third woman says. 

She then injects me with something and I fall asleep.

I wake up and everything that has happened feels like a dream, but… not quite. I find I’m in a clinical bed and look down to find two at least C size breast. I scream and am horrified to hear a woman’s voice come from my mouth. I look to see a woman with a large smirk on her face.

“So, look who is up. Do you like your new improvements. You were such a bitch to the women around you that we decide to just knock you out. To be honest honey, this was going to happen the second you accosted Eda. I do love your new voice. You sounds so sweet and innocent.

“What have you done?!

“Well, you still have your dick, but it’s buried in your chasity device. The breast and your voice is new. Plus, since you were such a rebel, we gave you a pixie haircut. Here take a look.”

She holds up a mirror and I’m stunned to see a beautiful girl looking back.

I’m completely naked and instinctively cover new breast and slit.

“We laid out an outfit for our rebel girl. Put it on. NOW! You’ve used up enough of our time. It’s time for you to go to work and start earning us some money.”

Shocked, I scream out, “Change me back!”

Without hesitation, she spins me on the table and slides a plug into my ass.

I let out a moan.

“Now you’ll get dress, and this stays in until I say so!”

Defeated, I put on the clothes. Sliding up the stockings and panties. I struggle with the bustier, but finally get it on.

Finally, I put the dress on, and am stunned at how I look. If I look this good, I must be meant to be a girl. I think to myself.



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