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 Danielle Winter 

My heart races as you step behind me to help me with the new bra.

Your scent and the occasional short touches make my trapped clitty leak heavy tears of arousal. But all of a sudden I fall out of my daydreams.

Without any warning another person enters our cubicle. It’s a severe looking beauty in a classy business suit. “Oh my goodness, what did we wrong? What did I wrong?” With decided steps she crosses the short distance towards the large mirror. She closes some curtains, I think “Wow, curtains, which purpose could have curtains before a mirror. Unless, oh no, please not – a one-way mirror!! You dumb and stupid sissy Danielle, that’s why the cubicle was unengaged.”

 “I have been watching you for some time and your young friend here has aroused my serious attention.” I blush deeply and try to cover my chest and my belted clitty under my pantie. My panic rises as I hear her approaching Alexandra, my BFF, the new gurl I’m responsible for.

 “Rarely does one find such a delicate beauty. I have a particular liking for small breasts and fine, lithe limbs.” I see Alexandras cheeks blushing, either at the compliment or in fright and I fear, that this situation disconcerts her again very soon like earlier in the lift with Mr. Lore.

“Do not be afraid, I am very modestly endowed and you will enjoy the opportunity I offer you.” Oh my goodness, she means she has a female cock! That will be to much for Alexandra, I know for sure. I need to act quickly, because I see the tips of this woman already poking through the fabric and her member already stands in full glory. The longer I wait, the less options are left.

She takes Alexandra to the wall to claim her right as a superior.

“I have noticed your impediment down there, we are two of a kind, so do what you can do my dear”. With these words she demands Alexandra to kneel in position.

Very cautious I move closer to the both of you, I curtsey as deep as I can manage and “Please Miss, I’m begging you, don’t do that. Today is Alexandras first day, everything is new and disturbing for her. It was all my fault, to chose this cubicle and being on display for everybody, pretty please don’t wreak it on her.” The woman looks at me but obviously not really interested. I understand her pretty well, obviously Alexandra is more attractive and this thought saddens me so deeply that I feel my eyes watering

and my voice breaks, I fall onto my knees and look at you “Pretty please, don’t force her to service you. Don’t be so cruel.” An argument strikes my mind and with a little hope in my voice I start again: “She isn’t trained, not even a  little. You could use me instead, my mouth is exquisitely trained and in shape. You could use me like you wont, I will not complain.” I take off the bra, ‘O’ helped me in

 “I would do anything, to satisfy you, Miss. Even if my appearance attracts you not as much as Alexandra, you may look at her whilst I satisfy you. I would offer you more, but I wear a belt just like her. I would owe you so much for allowing me to take her place. Please Miss!”

Instictivly I crawl towards you and look in your eyes as I raise my hand and touch lightly as a feather the wonderful purple head of your member. “It looks so beautiful, please, may I touch it again?”

Without waiting for an answer I  place my index under it and collect a drop of your clear arousal. While holding our eye contact I stick my coated finger between my lips,

“mmh, please let me taste more of your preciuos honey, Miss. You will not regret it.”

Now, that I know that I played all my cards, I’m fully aware that I, that we have to bend to the will of the beautiful but unknown woman.




I may be shy and lack your beauty - but I´m soo lewd and love my duty . . .

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