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sissy lola winces as I smack her, but it has an immediate effect. The precum stops as lola says to me “Oh I am so sorry Miss Dani, could you please adjust my sissy-link to stop my precum.” I reply quickly “No sissy maid lola.  Miss Manu and I need your emission to lubricate Monika’s lips and make her accept the taste of cum.  So you must just respect your Mistresses and comply with our request.”

sissy lola, bows her head in submission, but her sissy clitty stands hard and straight, but dry for the moment.

Meanwhile monika continues to bring overwhelming waves of pleasure to Miss Manu.

I see how beautiful Manu looks as monika slowly finds those delicious spots of explosive excitement in the delicate folds of Manu’s womanhood.  I also notice how much pleasure Manu is taking from watching sissy maid lola stuff herself with Sir Stephen.

As Manu continues with her pleasure, I consider sissy maid lola with interest.  she is restrained on her impalement device and cannot move and she looks so inviting and hard.  I know she is struggling to stay calm for Miss Manu, but I decide to tease her.  I ask her “I wonder what would happen if I touched you sissy clitty lola.” With that I  take her sissy clitty between my fingers and gently squeeze.  A small moaning sound comes from lola’s mouth and I feel her hardness begin to pulse and she says “Please Miss Dani, I beg You. Will You please stop or I will have an enormous sissy-gasm.”  Miss Manu also says “Yes Dani, you must stop.  I have something else I would like you to do”.

I stop my teasing, but because lola is so close to sissy-gasm, I squeeze her clitty tip really hard.

lola immediately calms down a little and regains her composure.   

I listen to Manu as she asks me “Oh Dani, what would you say whether Monika could train with a lifelike copy of the new cock in her household? We could send a team from our SissyTech Departement over, to make negative. After this they can easily produce a silicon version of it, lifelike, with all it’s veins and curves, his balls and maybe the foreskin . . .
Would you mind to call Andrea and Thomas to make a short-term date?”  “Of course I will Manu.  You look to be enjoying yourself so much with the pleasure that monika is bringing you.” Manu then adds “ask Andrea about the approximate size of it, the team needs to know it for the right equipment. The number is in the memory of my telephone.”

I began to look for Manu’s telephone, when I hear her gasp and she says “Oh Dani, you have to try her . . . Either she isn’t a rookie or she’s a natural. Monika you are doing so well, wait a moment.” 

I giggle to myself and think first things first.  Manu should pleasure herself a little longer and I will contact Andrea and Thomas.






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