Reply To: A Fitting Alternative to Prison

 sissy stacie 

A few more blows rain down upon my tender exposed flesh. Each blow that lands it’s mark is exponentially more painful than the last. Mrs Dyvia mocks me by shoving her hand covered with my juices under my nose.she mocks me but all I can think about is the respite from her assault. My ass is really starting to show devastating brutality.

Mrs Dyvia then tells me “A man doesn’t cry like you are…  Guess you can’t be a man.” Her words hit my brain as hard as her hand land on my naked backside. I muster all the strength and courage that I can and say you may have turned me into a woman but I still have a man’s resolve! I hope Mrs Dyvia does not see through my words as I don’t think I can stand anymore punishment on my poor ass and pussy! Mrs Dyvia continues her assault on my rear and says Just remember you can stop this anytime you like by begging me to put a chastity device on you.  Sure you can’t fuck anyone like that, but I can’t slap you there either”

A fucking Chastity device

No fucking way! But how much more of this assault can I withstand. Please Mrs Dyvia…. Please put me… I can’t bring myself to say it, I have to resist! I am,,,was a man after all. I steel my resolve and brace for the next punishing blow. I am a quivering mess and and my tears are flowing like rivers. 

   but why is my pussy leaking as fast as my eyes. between the waves of extreme pain I feel ever growing stronger pulses of electricity. It’s almost as if this is turning me on!



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