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 Danielle Winter 

I feel the responsibility for my friend heavy on my shoulders and decide to read thoroughly the whole declaration of the ‘Terms & Conditions’. Everything seems to be ok and I confirm with my finger.

  “And will Madam be wanting to see anything for herself? I can very easily bring something that I’m sure would suit you very well.”

What a cutie, she truly is a saleswoman. She flirts heavily with me as she offers me her services. And those eyes . . . Oh my, I always fall to easy for the cute ones . . .

Indeed Miss Manu told me, that I may have two or three garments on her account, she would allow me to wear when she wants my assistance again . . . anyway, a look won’t harm anybody.

I sense again the hesitation and the rising reluctance within Alexandra. I cannot take away the burden of reality. I can try to ease it as best as possible at least, but she needs to fit into her new role for herself.

The diligent assistant starts to quickly undress Alexandra without waiting for any sign of approval. She reveals the beautiful garments Miss Manu gave Alexandra to become the woman she is.

‘You may take the rest off yourself, my dear. I’ll bring some things for you to try. 36 A cup wouldn’t you say madam” the sales woman says to Alexandra before she leaves us alone.

I step really close to you and I know, you feel the same arousing stimulations from your belt like me. I take your face in my hands to look into your eyes.

“Alexandra I know, you only see a ridiculous man in female clothes. But I see the woman you soon will become, and you will be adorable. You already are, even with your short hair and without any makeup or  that stuff. I don’t know why I feel this way but I’m honest with you.”

Our assistant looks kind of disappointed to find us still dressed. But the way her eyes roam over my body makes me shiver. She cannot be interested in me, can she – me besides Alexandra, this young beauty to be, a rough diamond? My mind knows ‘No, never ever’ but my heart races faster and it’s so long ago that I felt this deep desire, since I lost somehow my cute oxley.

 “Oh, I understood that you were interested in trying one of our new season’s line in bras?”

Something in your behaviour makes me feel little and obedient, I even do not know whether you are a superior or a sissy like me. At this moment my damned SissyLink™ belt peaks a really heavy cycle of arousal and I bite my lip to avoid a moan. I blush as I guess you know what’s going on, curtsey deep before you and answer, “Yes Miss, something very feminine please to distract a little from my uncomely residual male appearance.” My cheeks redden deeper as I continue “and maybe some suitable and fitting panties, that are capable of hiding my clitty. Miss, Thank you.” I curtsey again deep and feel my rear plug gliding again a little deeper in my pussy.

As I gather enough courage to meet your look I notice a true interest and I smile about the warm feeling this causes.

 “Come, come, lets not be coy. I know what you are wearing under there. You haven’t forgotten that I have explored you already, have you?”

This words of our assistant leave an impact on Alexandra and she starts undressing completely and apologizes “Sorry Miss”.

To make it a little easier for Alexandra I start to undress for myself.

I fear or do I hope, that our ravishingly cute assistant will look at me? Occasionally I glance up to her and my heart stumbles as our eyes meet.

A poor and sad poem, I made years ago, arises from my memory, “There was a time, so long ago, that barely I remember, a longing look my cheeks made blush, like breathing of December.”

I collect all my strength, curtsey before our assistant and ask her “Would you be so kind and help me a little undressing, Miss?“ I blush again, this time over my little white lie, I only want to feel your touch . . . even if on business purposes.


I may be shy and lack your beauty - but I´m soo lewd and love my duty . . .


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