Reply To: Michael arrives for an interview.

 Adam Lore 

You keep your attitude which made me a little proud of you, you bend just enough to avoid breaking. Your cheeks are sporting a nice red, contrasting well to your pale skin. Obviously you noticed your first audience.

There are almost 3 minutes left of your internet show and towards the staring audience I  “Come on gurls, help this freezing sisters of yours to get dry and warm. Just take a towel and dry her thoroughly and cover her with a warm sheet.”

I switch on the heating of the chair and the heating lamp above you a little before I have a look at the frontpage of your website.

“Goodness gracious! Michelle, you’ve got now 161 fans and collected donations for 200 trees, after only 2 minutes of transmission time! Congratulations! Dear Sissies be very nice to her!” I rearrange the regulators to a very comforting heat level, turn up my heating unit to 27°C/81°F and close the windows.

As I see, there are enough hands to take care of your wetness I start the application I developed for a test run with you.

I observe the drying process via your live broadcasting on your website and am not sure about your feelings. Sure they caress your skin everywhere and accidentally stroke your sensitive nipples, maybe even one of them touches your tail, but I try to read in your face, whether you like these kind of attention.

All of a sudden two of your sissy sisters place her lips on your nipples and show you what sissie mouths are capable of.

A third one knees down between your splayed thighs and tries to feed herself some fresh sissy honey. The others are busy with staring and caressing some smooth and silky skin, yours or others, they don’t bother.

The level of motivation to serve, only caused by the settings of the SissyLink™ belt amuses me, every single time. These greedy creatures take turns sissyhandling you until the time is up.

“Stop it gurls. Everybody’s got work to do, I guess. Hush hush! And all of you should make sure to correct their makeup, especially your lips. Get the picture!?”

I walk the giggling crowd to the door, swatting two or three cheeks on the way.

“So Miss Bobber, are we warm and comfortable again?”

  • This reply was modified 5 months, 4 weeks ago by  Adam Lore.
  • This reply was modified 5 months, 4 weeks ago by  Adam Lore.
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