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 Anne Starr 

I step back from Louise as she applies more lipstick to her lips. Is there a drug in this lipstick I think to myself??? It really makes me feel strange….light headed…I can feel sex is getting warm, I try to wipe the lipstick off my labia but it’s like oil based paint!!

I was following Belinda Baxters orders Anne. The oils of my lipstick will warm your lower regions causing somewhat further and aroma…That’s why Bimbo ordered me to repaint my own lips”

What???…What the heck is she this some sick game??? “Louise..what are you saying to me??? I’m the one standing here with no underwear, no purse, no money, no nothing!….”

Um I never wore lipstick before 8 months ago you know because that I was Louis Le Page from Bangor Maine. I’ve dressed and lived as a girl, my junk has been tucked away and I have denied sexual release ever since. That’s why Bimbo wanted me to release your your feminine aroma in that way bnb in this confined space and make me taste it continually on lips afterwards…”

She sighs…

“I’m confused, are they forcing all this on you against your will???” As I look in her eyes…Is she telling me the truth??? This is too weird….I think to myself..

They use the “power of the smell” to thus keep me permanently aroused and controlled.  So now you know. If you would like another coat..let me know…kay?”

I’m trying ingest this…What is going on here? “Listen to me Louise or Louis?? I’m going to try to help you…but you have to help me..Ok? We have to get my purse back, if your telling me the truth these are very bad people. I don’t know if I should trust you or not but I have no choice…help me get my purse and underwear and I promise to help you..”



Anne is:

⊂Collared⊃ By Miss Andromeda Starr

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  • This reply was modified 5 months, 4 weeks ago by  Anne Starr.


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