Reply To: Michael arrives for an interview.

 Adam Lore 

You close your eyes and give into your fate, at least for now. But when I start the thrusting, in an instant your eyes spring wide open

and your heavy gasp forces the air to stream loud and fast through your nostrils.

I comment your reactions for your visitors. “Very charming Miss Bobber, you respond surpassing well to especially this female training routine. It is a really decent behavior to hold a close eye contact to your superior during any kind of intercourse, particularly as the receiver of such delightful treatment. You should stick to that habit as long as possible, keep that in mind my little one.”

Your movements start to get as wild as your noises. Yes, this will motivate some fans to sign a yearly membership at ‘Michelles fanclub’. Either they like your resistance and love to witness how you are broken, or they mistake it as true passion and love you even more for it. It doesn’t matter and should catch you some trees.

Your birdcalls didn’t fell on deaf ears and I notice some curious sissies stepping through the open door.

They are whispering as they come closer to eyeball the whole scenery.

To my uttermost surprise somehow your acting changes. At first I feared I took it too far and you could become unconscious, lying there atonic. But your clitty starts to raise her little head and grows to her full cuteness.

Did I found the right rhythm, depth and angle to bring you to the verge of a climax? Or are all the pressed gasps and your high pitched sighs only a part of your acting?

But my doubts fade away as your eyes lose our contact. They cross under your half-closed lid and your frontal femoral muscle hardens to lift your knees more. An honoring murmur occurs around your spectators at these definite signs for your forthcoming sissy climax.

I stop my thrusting and wait curiously, how deep you fell from your pedestal. Would you start to fuck back and enjoy us with a display of your true desire?

  • This reply was modified 5 months, 4 weeks ago by  Adam Lore.
  • This reply was modified 5 months, 4 weeks ago by  Adam Lore.
  • This reply was modified 5 months, 4 weeks ago by  Adam Lore.
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