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 sissy stacie 

Mrs Dyvia tells me that I am not deformed at all but that I was transformed with gene therapy! Gene Therapy? That is not possible with our technology you crazy bitch! Then she tells me  I get paid a six figure salary from the company plus a ten percent commission on any clients who pay for this.  The client paid five million for this plus a regular tuition fee to keep up your training.” You and the company got short changed, if you had come to me, I would have paid the company 20 million and you 5 million in commission to turn the tables on your prick of a sponsor!

Then Mrs Dyvia points out to me that since I no longer look like myself anymore who would ever come to my rescue! This I can’t deny, if I tried to tell anyone who I really was they would have me committed.

You may have turned me in to a woman, but I still retain my male memories and my knowledge. I still know where all my money is hidden and money buys  power and influence! So weather I am rich as a man or rich as a woman, I will have very powerful people take you and this corporation down.

Before I can utter another word Mrs Dyvia grabs me by the wrist, with an Iron like grip that is extremely painful and unbreakable. I try to force all my weight down to prevent her from moving me from this bench but she pulls me off the bench with hardly any effort. I am stunned and shocked at her strength and horrified at the realization that nothing I can do will prevent her from having her way with me. I find myself in a very precarious position. I am now extremely naked and ass up over her knee! I am in frenzied state thinking about what is going to happen to me next.

          With one hand this freakishly strong woman has both my hands pinned behind my back! and then my worst fears are realized. I feel the first swat crash down on my tender naked ass!  AAAAARRRG! Just one spank and tears are already forming in the corner of my eyes! I feel my ass cheek still reverberating from the stinging blow! The pain is more excruciating than all the spankings  I have ever received from my mother. I feel Mrs Dyvia wedge her leg between mine and I try to lock my legs together with every last ounce of strength in my body but she wedges them apart with no effort, almost as if I subconsciously opened them willingly!  Stop this! Stop now! you can’t do th….  


         Smack the next blow grazes my pussy lips! OMG did I just say MY pussy lips, but before I can think on this anomaly any further the mind numbing pain brings me back to reality. the pain I feel in my pussy is more intense than any pain I have ever experienced. I feel the pain from my pussy in the tips of my hair. The stinging in my pussy feels like someone hooked a car battery to my pussy lips. My face is all contorted from the pain as the most girlish scream I ever heard escapes my lips. Tears are now streaming down my face! but wait what is this? my pussy feels hot and sticky.  WTF! My pussy is WET! Ooooh! aah!





  • This reply was modified 5 months, 3 weeks ago by  sissy stacie.
  • This reply was modified 5 months, 3 weeks ago by  sissy stacie.


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