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I couldn’t believe the slut I had on my hands here! Not only did he lick his mess from my legs like some horny cumslut, judging by the expression on his face and his moans, he even liked it! And then the reaction to touching his ass! He was practically was fucking my fingers!

As he finished the last drops from the floor I stepped behind him without my fingers leaving his tight hole.

“Damn, you are quite the little slut, are you Andrew?! Just a few fingers up your ass and your cock is already hard again!”

I grab his cock tight at the base with my other hand. And in the same movement pulling his balls away from him down to the floor. This time his moans sound much more like soft screams. I slide a third finger in his ass and search for his prostate. Almost immediately his cock starts to leak a small stream of precum.

Making him moan some more I think of how much fun Samantha is going to have pegging this little slut once I’m finished with him.

Just as he is about to cum again I withdraw my fingers from his ass and start pulling his cock upwards.

“On your feet, Andrew!”

Of course he has to struggle now to get up. Every wrong movement he makes will surely have a painful effect on both his balls and his cock.

As soon as he stands I let his cock and balls free.

“Here, put this on. We are going to the lab and I don’t want you naked in the halls!”

I smile as I watch his reaction to the stuff I pointed to him. “Well, look around, your suit isn’t here anymore, so it’s this or nothing…”

I just love our girls, they must have taken all his stuff as they left. Must remember that though, some of them still want to look like guys.

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