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This place’s depravity knew no borders. It was clear it wasn’t enough for them to change guys into girls, they also had to make them into cunt licking sluts. At least that was what was done with Louise. With her dressed in this frilly pink dress and her face all dolled up she was forced to lick all the maids in the room. And there were quite a few of them.

The poor girls jaw must have been made of elastic since she didn’t stop for a single moment. Her tongue was so fast it looked like there was a machine attached to it. Several of the maids came so fast and intense, they even skipped the line to go for another round.

Suddenly Evelyn pulled me close, lifted up my skirt and pushed into the line of other maids. Without even looking up Louise dove straight for my fake pussy and started licking me like crazy. Within seconds I was once again moaning like a little slut and stood trembling on my legs.

I was amazed how fast she got me to this point. It felt so good that I moved my hand to her head and pushed her mouth even closer to my pussy. Damn, if this was what the life of a maid consisted of, it wasn’t that bad at all.

And then Evelyn changed it around once more as she cuffed my wrist to Louise’s with some pink bracelets. With my thoughts still with the nice licking I received I didn’t really understand why this was happening.

“That’s for a Special seeing the disciplining of another Special Louise. Now enjoy the company of your girly maid friends while arrangements for Bethany are being made. It’s not too bad Louise: At least you’re not pedaling anywhere.”

Nooky and her army left the room and Evelyn commanded most of the maids back to work. The few that left started to relax a bit, putting their legs up. These heels they were wearing must be killing I thought.

Evelyn got on the phone, speaking clearly with someone with authority. Her attitude suddenly became very subservient. “Yes, Ma’am, of course Ma’am. Right away Ma’am. She’ll be there in a second.”

With a slightly troubled look she stepped up to me, disconnected me from Louise and pulled me on my feet. “Sorry Louise, no more playing for now. It’s a special client who requested Bethany. Seems she attracted quite some attention.”

Then, turning to me “No, you won’t need any panties, girl. Just the dress is enough”

As we left the room I was scared this whole experience so far was just the beginning…


to be continued somewhere in another thread


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