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 Chantay Blaise 

Monique pulls her hand from my crotch and playfully fondles my nipple. She questions me about my little kink that I revealed to her earlier. Her line of questioning leads me to believe that she believes I am a little fem boy in light of my recent revelation to her.

” Now wait just a minute Monique. Don’t get me wrong. Yes…a woman’s nicely coated lips do make her more appealing…and yes..I do have a bit of a lipstick fetish. I admit…a female coating my lips is a turn on for me. I don’t know why…I am all man baby…no girly man here..I assure you.”

As I respond to Monique, I am a little shocked when Bimbo walks up to the Front Desk. Monique immediately greets her and asks if she needs assistance with anything. Monique informs Bimbo that she will assist her as soon as she finishes attending to her business with me. I am somewhat confused as Monique remarks, ”….He’s thinking of applying for this job and Corporate dress code requires, you know lipstick so …”

“What?…I am not applying for a job? How did you come up with that Monique? Dress code? Lipstick? What in the hell are you talking about Monique?”

Bimbo then joins in the conversation before Monique has a chance to respond to my questions. She assures Monique that she is willing to wait. Bimbo quickly pulls out her phone and adds, ”…I have clients into fem-dom and other shit. Don’t worry, you and ‘sweetie’ there will get a cut if it’s used.”

Becoming annoyed at her reply, I turn to Bimbo and exclaim,” I have already told you Bimbo…I am not doing any fem dom shit. Clean out your ears. Put the damn phone away. If it gets used? I will sue your ass if you record me without my permission…you hear me?”

My face still is still red with anger as I turn to face Monique. Monique doesn’t say a word to me as she grabs me and turns me back around to face Bimbo as she rubs my cock even harder. My protest is ignored as Monique replies to Bimbo: “Fine with me Bimbo; this is a public space. Gawd knows how many people will see yeah ‘sweetie’. Open wide Derek, keep your head still and your eyes open; this may take a bit.”

I stand there in shock as Monique and Bimbo act as if I am not even there while they converse. Before I know it, Monique powders my lips and then giggles as she powders my nose. She then runs the lipstick along her lower lip before gently pressing it against mine.

At this point, I decide to let her do the deed…let her coat my lips so I can accomplish the first task of my therapy. Picasso told me to convince a female in the room to put her lipstick on me…mission accomplished. As Monique slowly paints my lips, I feel a sense of femininity being imposed upon me, making my cock stiffen even more.

Monique applies one layer upon another until she is satisfied that my lips look just as wet and succulent as hers. As she completes her task, she gives me a peck on the cheek and then…in a very assertive tone, she commands, “Now tell Bimbo’s camera how much you just love wearing my creamy, red lipstick while your Monique gives you a happy ending and your trousers an embarrassing if manly stain!”

Although I find her tone quite arousing, I raise my objections again,“No Bimbo!!…stop recording now!!….And Monique…thanks for fulfilling my request by giving my lips a paintjob, but me looking into a camera and proclaiming my love for your lipstick doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. Hey Monique…Wait….Stop!!”

I continue my plea for Monique to stop as she begins to stroke my cock harder and faster. While she strokes, she places her other hand against my backside to make sure my hands remain behind me. Realizing that I will soon erupt in my pants, I beg Monique to go no further.

” Monique….please…please stop! Oooohhh…please no! I am almost at the point of no return….stop!”

Hoping to make a last ditch effort to convince Monique to stop, I cry out, “Okay…okay…I will do it..I love wearing Monique’s creamy red lipstick. I love it so very much!……Okay I said it Monique…please stop before….before….Aaaaaaaaaggggghhh!!!”

Monique keeps stroking, even after eruption in my pants occurs…ensuring every drop comes out. I feel a sticky, wet sensation and look down at my crotch only to see a massive stain in my trousers. I look at Monique, embarrassed by my present state. ” Geez…my pants! What am I suppose to do now. I don’t want everyone here to see me like this. I…I need something to cover up with so I can wash off. I don’t suppose either one of you girls would fetch me some clothes would you?…Please?”







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