Reply To: Michael arrives for an interview.

 Adam Lore 

From the corner of my eye I notice a heavy movement. The shaking dick in your face and your moaning should have a meaning.

“So Miss Bobber you finally agree to a certain level of cooperation?” I take your right hand and fix your wrist to the chair, the same on your other side. You lack the power or the will to fight against me and give in for this moment.

“I’ve got a much better idea, Miss Bobber. Better then photos: we will make a short live show, what do you mean. Your chittering can be easily seen as shivers of lust and desire and the drops of cold water could be sweat from your long and fulfilling treatment. Just close your eyes and let everything happen. Let’s make some true fans! Ready, steady . . . Go!” I press the enter key and you are ‘online’. For your enjoyment I leave the monitor above you on, showing the frontpage of your website.

I step beside the chair, grab your tail and start with some shallow thrusts into your sissy pussy while stroking and pinching your nipples from lightly to really hard.

After a minute of preparing your pussy I thrust deeper and with more power in each – single – thrust, always directing the head of the plug to your front, to your sissy spot. It couldn’t be wrong, whether you get anything out of it, too.

The good thing is, your nipples are really sensitive. They erect so easily, even in her hardened state, due to the cold.

Some flicking, pinching . . . while fucking this virgin sissy pussy of yours.

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