Reply To: A Fitting Alternative to Prison

 sissy stacie 

    Just because you deformed my body does not make me a woman! I am a man! and men do not hit women, but I may have to make an exception in your case!

   As I have said before, I have no desire to meet my sponsor anymore now that you helped him win. I am certainly not going to put on a chastity belt, and slut clothing willingly. so I am going to sit right here and do nothing, because I don’t think you have the strength to force me, or  the guts to spank me!

I know my words will only draw more ire and more harsh treatment from Mrs Dyvia and her sissy thugs, but she is a Genetic Female and weak compared to a man. she will need her army of sissy thugs to get me dressed and parade me in front of this so called sponsor.

  So I assume this rich guy paid you a lot of money to do this to me. why would you do the bidding of some rich prick anyway? don’t you have your own lesbian agenda or something? I mean you must be a man hating dyke to do what you did to me! Does it make your Femme Dyke’s tongue feel better on your Butch Dyke clit knowing that you can destroy an innocent man’s life? Are you having so many issues recruiting other Dkye Fem Nazi’s that now you must start creating them out of innocent guys? Well I refuse to just willingly help you destroy my life any further!



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