Reply To: Ruby- removed, remade, re-rubbered

Oh shit… “I heard that.’
As we enter there is a lot of people all dressed in the rubber lab outfits from earlier in the day

OMG I think to my self what’s going on here I look to the corner of the room there is a cell that looks more like a shower cubicle all watertight the door is open.
He is ready.
Mistress says and one of the rubber lab ladies comes towards me and backs me in to the little cell, I go to protest but before I do they insert An IV needle in to my neck and some fluid instantly starts to enter my veins. Straight away I start to feel a little numb and relaxed my mind is telling me every thing is going to be ok. Two other ladies come over to me and hold me still while the 1st starts to put a tube down my throat, I cough and splutter feeling as if I’m gonna choke I can’t breath for a moment as it decends it’s way. All of a sudden I can breath again it must of entered by wind pipe I calm again from the drug entering via the IV.
and with that they start hooking up moitoring equipment and IVs to him finishing only with a breathing tube. We step out and a large glass door drops between us… He is alone. His Iv starts dripping a drug into his system to calm him down, keep him relaxed… And then the room starts filling with liquid.

All of a sudden the glass door drops in place and the cell hose quiet I can’t even sit down there is no room only to stand when all of a sudden a fluid starts spilling from a pipe above my head and it starts to fill the cell covering me I wonder if I’m gonna drown but the drug keeps me relaxed. I look out of the cell to Mistress pleading with her but she just smiles and crosses here arms then it covers my whole body including my head it stops once the whole cell is full.


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