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Slowly I calmed down and came a bit more to my senses. Nooky approached me again and talked about how, in her view, I liked the machine. I suppose, in some weird way, she actually was right. It at least was a new and very intense experience.

When she walked around me and suddenly pushed something in my gaping hole I screamed.

“Fuck! That hurt!”

It apparently was some kind of alcohol drenched wipe, the alcohol felt very painful against my thoroughly fucked hole. In panic I grabbed behind me and pulled the wipes out again. I definitely won’t play with my asshole very soon.

Lucky for me Nooky decided the pink dress wasn’t for me. She ordered Louise into it, who clearly wasn’t that happy about it either. It got really embarrassing for her though when she was ordered to lick both mine and Evelyn’s slit.

Evelyn seemed very eager and immediately lifted up her skirt and pulled her panties aside. As soon as Louise came close Evelyn grabbed her head and pulled it straight into her crotch. Muffled by Evelyn’s slit I heard Louise thank her as best as she could.

It was only to humiliate Louise so when Evelyn was satisfied she pushed Louise’s face into my crotch. I was amazed how eager Louise’s mouth was trying to lick me. Once again I felt my excitement rise. But before I even came close to edging Evelyn pulled her back.

Evelyn had pulled out a maid’s uniform for me. Two of the other maids helped me into it. Looking into the mirror I felt embarrassed, even though it looked quite decent. I got handed some stockings and heels to put on, finishing the look of a real maid. In the mirror I only vaguely saw the man I used to be. And hey, I actually looked nice in this…

It was now up to miss Luzette if I had to keep wearing this dress



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