Reply To: Michael arrives for an interview.

 Adam Lore 

You are nodding your head, of course.

“Yes, I could make the procedure a little more comfortable for you. But that means to cause extra pollution and it will extend your ecological footprint. As scientist you surely know a possibility to keep your eco-balance at equilibrium. Do you? Ok, I show you your website at our corporation. Just have a look – fascinating, isn’t it?

Over your head is a monitor for disciplinating and educational purposes. I show you the front page of your local sissy promoting website.

You could balance your ecological performance with some special photos for your paying and waiting fans, Miss Bobber. What do you think? Just take your time for your decision, I will continue your cleaning in 5 minutes. You may nod your head if you agree!”

I take a seat at the desk and configurate the application for the next step of your sissy education.

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  • This reply was modified 6 months ago by  Adam Lore.
  • This reply was modified 6 months ago by  Adam Lore.
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