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“Oh Monika, there is no need to be scared or frightened. From now on your superiors will take care of you. You only have to give your best to obey and fit into your new role as the sissy you long to be for such a long time.

I’m glad you noticed the flavor, Monika. Finally your sense of taste returns. Don’t mind if it feels a little unusual or maybe odd at first. Your sense of taste needs some time to align again after your anesthesia.

This taste is a special lipstick and lip gloss. It’s from our newest and most expensive product line of our beauty cosmetics division.

It’s a kind of a treat for our sissies. I hope you like it, do you? It’s a reward for your courage and bravery in face of the tremendous changes that lie before you. And it’s an adorable sign for the desire you excite in your superior. That taste is absolutely desirable for an aspiring sissy like you. So my dear, now I take place above your head. I want you to show me, how you worship the altar of a female superior.  Don’t rush in, take your time and try to seduce me to stay as long in this seat as possible.“

I climb onto the bed and lower myself onto the seat and Monikas waiting mouth. I feel the smooth and slippery cushions of her lips on my own. I know I need to boost your good efforts to make it easier for you to learn, but there is no need to act

“Oh yes, Monika, you are doing so very good, slowly and smooth . . . yes, don’t forget the inside of my thighs . . .”

Now that I’m resting a little I have time to have a look at our other tortured sissy. She looks so beautiful and defenseless, it would be so very hard to resist the urge to just eat her up and fuck her and cuddle her and torment her a little further – what a cute piece of art. She starts to fuck herself with small and shallow rocking moves with her hips what causes a constant flow from her hard clitty.

“Miss Manu, I you agree I can name my silicon lover Sir Stephen. Do you agree to it.”

“Hm, Sir Stephen. I guess it is a good choice, sissy lola. It suits his majestic size and form very well. You may call his name from time to time to thank him.”

Monikas lip service is really so nice and arousing, that I start to enjoy it truly. I close my eyes and concentrate on the sensations between my thighs. I lean a little bit over to give Monika a better access to my clit. And the soft lips of my little one under me, awake my kind cruelty and I order, “Look me in the eyes sissy lola, while Sir Stephen is stuffing this enchanting gaping pussy of yours.”

I see the raising lust in your eyes, as you struggle to keep our eye contact and soon you beg “Mistresses, do you allow me to cum?”

“No lola, not now. Stop your moving, stay still and calm down!”

I reach over to Lolas dripping clitty and collect a little bit of her streaming sissy honey.

“My oh my, you little horny sissy. You need to establish a much more reliable self control, Sissy Maid lola. You are on the edge of a sissygasm almost at the very moment of anything entering your gaping pussy.”

I lift myself a little and help Dani to coat Monikas lips with lolas arousal .

“What do you think, my beautiful Sissy Monika,  do I like how your lips are worshipping me?”

  • This reply was modified 6 months ago by  Manu.
  • This reply was modified 6 months ago by  Manu.
  • This reply was modified 6 months ago by  Manu.
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