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 Chantay Blaise 

Monique looks somewhat stunned with my flirtatious reply. She immediately responds: “Are you coming on to me Derek Heath? Maybe I don’t know what you mean by my lips like candy but maybe I want to find out. Get back here with me now!”

I warmly smile back at Monique after she invites me behind the front desk. I walk around to the access panel, Monique presses a button, and I stroll casually behind the Front Desk next to her. Before I can say a word, Monique instructs me to press my fingers into the back pockets of my trousers and keep them there. I gently nod my head to let her know that I agree to do as she asks. I slowly slide my fingers into my back pockets and, as a result, the pitched tent in my khakis looks even more pronounced now. The beat of my heart races as I stand next to her. She smells so feminine…so wonderfully divine.

Trying not to stare, I can’t help but “check her out” by giving her a quick lookover. I think to myself as I look her over: Damn she is hot. Her spunky attitude turns me on…and look at that body. Nice tushy…very nice indeed….and those legs…wow. Mmmm…elegant curves and a nice rack too..Monique would slap me silly if she could hear my thoughts.

My mind shifts focus for a moment as I remember why I am here: …but what am I doing? I came here for therapy because of Camy…now I just hit on Monique. Camy would flip out if she knew. I can’t do this…I have never cheated…ever…in any relationship I have ever been in…but Monique really turns me on.

My arousal intensifies as I look at Monique for a moment and my thoughts continue: Kinda turns me on how Monique handles herself too. She is assertive…takes control. She didn’t ask me to come behind the counter…she damn near ordered me to. It’s like she sees something she likes…she goes after it. I on the other hand double guess myself…trying to be cautious I guess, but it often leaves me even more confused.

I clench my fingers together tightly in my back pockets as the struggle in my head continues:If I pursue this further with Monique…it’s cheating. But Camy has cheated on me twice and I still took her back. Geez…what should I do?  I suppose the right thing to do is apologize to Monique for hitting on her…I mean..maybe she will understand. A girl like her probably gets hit on all the time anyway. I have to tell Monique the truth..that I have a girlfriend and then apologize for coming onto Monique. If Monique cusses me out or something, I brought it on myself.

Just as I am about to apologize for being flirty with Monique, she waves the tube under my nostrils again. As I take in the wonderful aroma, she gently caresses my crotch with the back of her fingers. I moan with pleasure, but softly so noone in the lobby can hear me except Monique.

As she continues to caress, Monique asks me a series of questions in a soft, sultry voice:“So tell me Derek sweetie: Was this lipstick thing just a way to get into my panties or were you serious about wearing such a male-inappropriate cosmetic? Tell pretty Monique why you’d ask to wear her creamy red lippy and how the hell did you come up with that word?”

Monique goes on to assure me she won’t send me away with blue balls like Bimbo did, also warning me that staining my khakis would draw alot of attention from everyone in the lobby. Teasing me by pursing her luscious red lips at me, she ultimately resssures me she will paint my lips and not be upset, even if the only reason I asked her to lipstick me was an attempt to get in her pants.

I try to compose myself a bit as she continues to gently stroke my cock. “Oooohhh…mmmmmm…feels so good. Aaaahhhh….this ain’t easy Monique…I mean…trying to think clearly under these circumstances, but I will try. The answer to your first question is no…I am not asking you to liptick me just to get into your panties. I…I…um…how do I say this?…it kinda turns me on. There…I said it. You are the only soul I have revealed this to. Please don’t think I am a freak because lipstick appeals to me.”

“Forgive me if I am being too forward, but I find you extremely sexy…so my flirty “your lips look like candy…very tasty” statement was genuine. Those wonderfully gorgeous lips of yours are captivating…so full, wet, and sparkling. They truly accentuate your beauty Monique. In short, you turn me on…I already wanted to get into your panties…those succulently coated lips make me want it even more.”

“And as to why I used the word ‘lippy’ when I referred to your lipstick?…I don’t know where that came from myself. Lippy…it does sound pretty girly doesn’t it? I guess I just got caught up in the moment…you know…the wonderful feminine aroma of your lipstick…I suppose  that is why I blurted that word out. I guess even a tough guy like me has a feminine side too huh? My friends would have laughed me out of the room if they had heard me use that word.”

I sigh for a moment nervously then add: “But I need to tell you something Monique. Could you please stop stroking me for a moment…it just wouldn’t feel right telling you this while you are pleasing me that way. I need to apologize for coming onto you…because..I…I..uh…I have a girlfriend. I am sorry…you are so hot…I just got carried away.”

Bracing for the worst, I take a deep breath and add:” I know you probably think I am like most guys…a lying, two-timing jerk..and I don’t blame you. Damn…I really do need help. It isn’t in my nature to come onto girls. I usually have more self control. My defenses were weakened…you are so alluring…and not just in a physical sense. Your “take the bull by the horns” attitude makes you all the more appealing to me. No beating around the bush for you. I am turned on by a lady who takes control to be honest.”

“Damn this is tough..I just want to ravish you right now…..With that said, I deserve whatever I’ve got coming to me. You can slap, kick, and scream at me all you want. I won’t stop you. I deserve it no matter how humiliating it is. So…go ahead and let me have it. When you are done, I will quietly leave Monique.”

I drop my head in shame and wait for Monique to express her outrage.







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