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Just about the time I am totally loosing my mind Evelyn steps back into the room, saving me from total madness. She appears to have enough status to stop things as she orders the maids to stop masturbating and gets them back to work. She stops the bike from moving and helps me of. I desperately hold her arm otherwise I would have dropped to the floor.

My stare is blank, I am not able to speak. My knees are wobbly and vaguely I feel some wetness drip from between my legs. I can’t think anymore and only barely register what is happening around me.

I get helped out of Nooky’s dress and two of the girls start cleaning me with wipes, towels and lotion. I see some blood but I don’t make the connection that it could actually come from my own body. The attentive cleaning manages to calm me down and slowly I return back to earth.

“Would you like me to reserve private time on the unicycle for you Bethany? It can be arranged you know and you did so seem to be enjoying yourself.” ~cackle!

I can’t answer, my body is still shaking a bit. Crazy enough I even consider it. Part of me strangely enjoyed being forced onto the machine, several times I even had the idea that I could reach some kind of orgasm. Maybe if I would try again in a more controlled way…

“Doyenne: Our Special Louise is holding up a dress: Was that meant for her or Bethany or maybe Keiko even.” ~giggle ~giggle

The crazy dress is apparently still on the table. Whatever! I think by now. If this is what it needs to get them of my back, I won’t protest anymore, I just want some rest now.

I watch the pretty maids clean up in their frilly maid outfits, if this is the life they want me to lead…



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