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It was so cute to see the despair in his eyes when I wrongly accused him, and even more the power of Samantha’s name. He swallowed his pride just to keep this so-called job. He literally begged me to come up with a solution to keep him in the program.

To be honest, I loved a good begging.

I stepped closer to him and grabbed him by his hair… hmm, was it already growing? It already had a good grip.

Pulling his head back so he could really look up to me I put one foot forward so my shin pushed against his hard cock. O my god, was that his pre-cum dripping on my leg?

“Yeah sure, one moment you were showering and the next moment you got a stiffy rubbing against our lovely employee’s. And yes, of course they started fingering your ass and you got even harder. Well at least you are not to shy to admit you like it up the ass.”

I pushed my leg a bit harder against his cock and as I felt his balls against the arch of my instep I pushed the tip of my shoe a bit upward slightly squeezing his balls.

“As far I am concerned you are nothing but a little horndog…” Again I pushed my stockinged leg against his cock and balls, this time keeping it there and slowly rubbed against him.

“…you are just lucky you didn’t squirt your load, otherwise I really would punish you!”

Of course I knew he was so excited by now he could barely control himself. My mind was feverishly thinking how I would proceed if he did or didn’t, of course the end result would be the same.

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