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You hand me a purse, and put lipstick and blush on me. You then spray some cologne behind my knees.

“You look just scrumptious Naomi and smell like a flower shop. Now we have to air you out for a bit before you can learn some of the self-improvement skills you signed up for. Gisele, tie her into the 3” pumps and we can go for a stroll in the chill November air. Don’t worry it won’t be for long; none of us are dressed for it.”

Suddenly Gisele expertly puts me in 3″ heels and ties them tight. I do surprisingly well in the heels as we walk toward the lobby. I’m incredibly tense and nervous to be in public looking like this; when you tickle my ass. With my soft skin, even a tickle feels erogenous.

“Smile at every woman who looks your way and remember their lipstick shade; I may ask you later. We’re going on a short walk to an elegant dress shop; you should fit right in I’m sure.” ~giggle

I do my best as we stroll into through the lobby. I hold the purse tightly in front of me, trying to keep my dress from bouncing with each step. I smile as we pass woman. Some smirk, while others ignore me. Then, we step outside the lobby into the chilly street.

With each step in the heels, I can’t help but feel my ass shake. The street is moderately busy. The first two girls to see me burst out laughing. I do my best to smile.

The next takes out her phone without any hesitation to take a photo of me.

Then a tall and strong woman sees me and walks right up to me. I smile and remember her lipstick, pink.

“Looks like you have some new talent, huh,” she says. And then without warning reaches under my dress and pinches my ass. “I think she will be a nice addition.” She then nonchalantly walks off.

Finally, we arrive at the dress shop and I am overcome with relief. At this point, I just wish I was a more convincing girl, so I wouldn’t have to deal with this ridicule.

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