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 Chantay Blaise 

The sassy young blonde giggles as I ask her to give my lips a glossy coat of lipstick. I feel quite relieved that she doesn’t brush me off or tell me to get lost when I make my request to her. Rather, she bids me to follow her as she is about to check in for her shift. Once she gets behind the counter, she pecks away at the keyboard for a moment and then gives me a gesture signaling me to approach the counter.

I timidly approach the counter as she places an open tube of red lipstick on the countertop. She immediately introduces herself as Monique…the corporate concierge. I smile nervously, knowing that my phoney story probably won’t wash with her since it is her job to be “in the know” regarding events and entertainment. I was right…Monique was onto me because she plainly asserts she isn’t buying my story. To my amazement however, she doesn’t declare me a liar and call security to escort me away. Instead she is more interested as to why I am wearing the feminine scented perfume.

”You don’t smell like a gay guy; their fragrance is much more subtle. You smell like a guy who’d asked another girl the same question recently but who blew you off with her cologne, the cunt: Her loss, huh?”

“No ma’am. I am not gay…and I am amazed at how “spot on” you are. I mean..I approach you asking you for lipstick and I am wearing feminine perfume..yet you don’t presume me to be gay as most anyone else would. By the way, you nailed it…I was unsuccessful in convincing another young lady to comply with my request….and she misted me with her perfume as a consolation. I like the way you think Monique. You are a very perceptive woman…it’s extremely attractive. “

Monique draws my attention once again to the open tube of liptsick on the counter by laying down some ground rules. I am instructed to look and smell, but not touch the lipstick..and, if afterwards, I decide to move forward with my request, Monique informs me that she will happily oblige. I observe as Monique glides s fresh coat of lipstick over her lower lip.

The wonderful scent of her lipstick fills the air right away. The scent released from the tube has an extremely inviting and alluring quality about it. My eyes focus solely on Monique’s lips as she coats her lower lip. Watching her apply the lipstick stimulates my arousal…the deep red tone moistens her full lips making them appear even more kissable. Her wet looking lips glisten in the room’s lighting with even the slightest turn of her head.

I begin to imagine the naughty things she could do with those full, succulent lips which stirs my arousal even more. I am so captivated by her freshly coated lips that I find myself actually yearning to have my lips coated deliciously like her’s. Realizing that she is waiting for my reply, I draw in closer to her until our noses are almost touching and issue my response.

smiling ” Monique…your lips look like candy to me…if you know what I mean…very tasty looking indeed. Would you please put some of your lippy on me?”

I snap out of my lipstick trance when I look down for a moment and notice my “tented khakis”. I quickly take a small step backward and try to pull myself together. Hoping that I am still close enough to the counter that it obscures Monique’s view of my krotch, I think to myself:

What the hell…lippy…did I actually refer to her lipstick as lippy? Where the hell did that come from? I hope she isn’t upset with me…I mean…I was a bit mesmerized by her lips…that I drew in a little too close to her. To make things even more embarrassing, I am standing here pitching a tent in a room full of gorgeous women. Hopefully noone notices. Man, I must look like a total pervert. Okay…calm down…I don’t need to draw attention to myself by looking nervous. Just be cool.

I look at Monique with anxious anticipation, awaiting her response.







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