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I follow Mistress over to a small bench with some test tubes close by I look at them slightly confused as Mistress tells me to:
Sit, spread your legs…


I instantly sit and spread my legs as I’m told as my penis starts to think instead of my brain. As she lines up her latex glove and touches it I instantly become hard as Mistress starts to stroke it she speaks again as I let out a little croaky moan still a little sore from the gag that had been in my mouth and down my throat so long:….
Tell me you will always obey your Mistress.
Again my penis taking over my thoughts instead of my brain I blurt out quickly:
 “Yes Mistress I will always obey you what ever your orders will be Mistress” 
I gasp realising what my penis had just made me say but my head is swinging in the moment of My beautiful red headed Mistress stoking me towards orgasm. I let out another moan of pleasure this time a little louder:
”Mmmmmmmm Ohhhh YES Mistress, that feels so good Mistress!”
Im lost in the world of pleasure amazed at what your mind will make you say just to get to be able to cum in what could of been months since last time I was aloud to I can’t remeber when it was, but who cares the time is now and I’m right on the edge of blowing my load every where.



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