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As I returned from storage I bumped into two of the girls I asked to take care of Andrew.

“What the hell are you two doing outside? When I asked you to take care of him you shouldn’t have left him alone! You two girls should have known better! And not only that, where the hell are your clothes? How many times did I warn you not to go naked into the hallway! What if there are clients here?”

Of course the girls protested with all kinds of lame excuses “We didn’t know, you took so long and…”etc.

We all talked loud, knowing you would hear us argue. We all just loved a little acting.

I pulled each one of them by the ear and dragged them back to the showers. With what seemed a rough motion I forced them both to their knees and then let them loose. As I looked towards the shower where I left Andrew, I was truly shocked at the image he presented.

His confused look, his raging hard on and his shiny naked body looked just stunning.

“What the hell!? ANDREW! I expected better from you! No wonder the girls ran out of here naked!”

I turned to the girls and gave them, out of sight from Andrew a knowing wink. They did good.

“I am so sorry to have misjudged you girls like this, just get your clothes back on. If you want, you can go to HR to report this. It must be such a shock to you fine girls to be confronted with such a pervert. Don’t worry though, this will not happen again. I will deal with him further.”

As the girls picked up their dresses from the lockers and left I turned to you.

“I am really disappointed in you, Andrew. No, don’t stand up! We had such a good start and now, look at you, you can barely keep your hands of that stiffie! I dare not think of what Samantha will think once I tell her! Do you have any excuse for yourself? Or, for that reason, any idea how we can continue?”

I keep standing in front of him, looking down at him with a stern and determined look. I love how all this made him so excited that his cock, even under my angry looks, still stays hard, or maybe even harder


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