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“So I hear this Naomi thanking Gisele for the sensitizing cream and I think: ‘Why give this one a simple blouse and skirt when what he really wants and what Miss Eda craves is for him to be in this number. Whatcha think, sissy-boy: You’d just love wearing this dress all around the Corporation lobbies, right?”

I look at the dress in shock.

“But that dress is soooo girly! It also has a short hem. People will be able to see my…”

I pause for a minute, realizing that it isn’t my dick they’ll be able to see, but what looks like a pussy thanks to the panties.

…my panties if I bend over or go up stairs! Everyone will know I’m a sissy!”

The words run out of my mouth without hesitation. I’ve finally said it aloud, what I’ve secretly known since I was a teen. I try to recover, although I’m sure it’s pointless.

“I mean, they will think I’m a sissy-boi. It’s not like I want to pretend to be a girl.”

By the look on your face, I realize that I better put the dress on immediately, or face serious repercussions. I pout like a child, snatch the dress from you and try and struggle for a moment, before finally putting it on.

“Ok, I got it on, what the hell is next! Make-up, a wig, breasts?!” saying breasts jokingly. 

How about heels. I look ridiculous. And while you may have made my body soft and more feminine, I still look like a man in a frilly dress.” I say with growing frustration wanting this to be over. 

I then lift up Gisele’s skirt to expose her cute panties.

“I mean I’m not even wearing any underwear, at least not obviously.” I then lift up my dress to expose my faux pussy.


OOC: Gisele already applied the spray earlier and I have the flesh-tone panties on, so I’m going to ignore that part of the post.


  • This reply was modified 6 months ago by  Tania.
  • This reply was modified 6 months ago by  Tania.


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