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It became clear very fast that once Nooky got an idea in her head it had to be realized. And this time the idea was me on this crazy bike. Keiko is enjoying herself watching me pulled onto the bike by the armygirls. They also seem to enjoy themselves by seeing me on this torture equipment.

As soon as they grab me by the arms I start to protest but it is no use. These girls are strong and determined. Nooky slips out of her dress right in front of me. Immediately I start to smell her excitement which triggers mine. O my god, this is where it starts.

I am suddenly very aware of this smooth saddle between my legs. As I start to rise up with the saddle it even gets worse. It’s clear my body starts to response to the sensations, I shiver and tremble as I feel something press against my anus.

“Fuck, this is too much… Please Nooky.”

Again it is no use, ever so slowly I feel it massage my virgin hole and press more and more. I am not sure if it is already in me because the pressure feels so intense.

Why am I moaning… Do I like this stuff?

Another object, much smaller, is trembling like crazy and starts entering my tight front hole. The sensations are so intense I barely understand what is happening to me. In an attempt not to fall I grab on to the soldier girls.

They use my instability to pull Nooky’s dress over my head. One girl even buttons me up. The silk feels warm and tight around my body which only intensifies my excitement.

My feet in the meantime have located the pedals. Instinctively I feel my legs move and slowly start to paddle, not realizing it feeds the battery inside the machine, and so again intensifying its movements.

My body is trembling and shaking, trying desperately to deal with all the sensations. I hear my voice humming and moaning like some slut playing with a vibrator, which in essence I am. Only this one I can’t control and is penetrating my holes.

Louise puts a large mirror in front of me and confronts me with my reflection. A slightly strange looking man/female trembling and moaning uncontrollable, dressed in a beautiful white silk dress…

“O my god… I…yes…”

For a moment I have the feeling that I am almost cumming. Almost like the feeling when I edged myself when I still had control of my cock. Then it would only take one stroke to orgasm, now that one stroke was the first step to yet another edge.

A feeling of total helplessness and desperation came over me. I knew I was powerless against all this stimulation, the only way out was if Nooky turned off the machine.

“So tell me Ben, tell all of us: Who’s the sweetest sissy in the whole wide world: An almost girl who would do anything for his Nooky?” ~haa ~haa ~haa

I didn’t even think of making a smart reply, knowing Nooky had all the power I responded fast and exactly as I thought she would wish

“Me… Nooky… ooaahh… me… Nooky, Me!”

I just hoped she would just turn off this damn machine.



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