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Ahh, the poor boy was blushing a bit when he was confronted with all the naked girls. And understandable his cock got a raise as well. I better keep a look on that. Of course we will chastise him, but it is always nice if I can find a logical explanation for it. If I have to force him it always gets so complicated. I just prefer the easy way.

For a few moments I watch him in the shower. It’s always funny to see, at first a bit scared, then, when the shampoo and soap come in, some amazement to how it feels and at the end a sense of overwhelming.

There are sensors in the shower to keep check of his development. The shampoo should be thoroughly done to activate the hair follicles. We like our new girls to have a great bundle of hair on their heads. Once activated it will set off an intense hair growth. Within a couple of hours he will have a hair to be jealous of.

After the shampoo the soap will do the contrary with his bodyhair. The soap will activate skingrowth, making a smooth surface, almost as if he was reborn with a new skin. It closes of all the follicles which will make them redundant. No more shaving for this boy… ever.

A nice addition to this process is that it will make the skin much more sensitive. He will feel even the slightest touch. It will make him more responsive to physical pain so a simple smack on the ass will feel like a real punishment. On the other hand it will also make him much more responsive to erotic touches. Some of the boys who left this shower just couldn’t stop touching themselves.

Which reminds me to get him some adequate clothing. A short look at Andrew in the shower says I have quite some time for that. I walk over to the big shower area.

“O, girls! Please have some self-control!”

Once again things got out of control here and a simple shower started turning into a little orgy.

“Please don’t let me put you up for discipline. If I have to warn you again I will! I have to get our new intern some clothes. If he comes out, take care of him for a while! I have to go into storage for it. O, and be careful with him he still has got his cock, I know you girls. Teasing is ok, but definitely no real sex!”

 As I leave the showers I wonder if I did good leaving him with them. These girls can get so excited around boys. Maybe we should limit the hormones they are getting.

I barely shut the door behind me or two of the girls immediately headed for Andrews shower, body lotion in hand.

Just as you opened the door the girls stepped up to you.

“Did you have a nice shower?”

“O, look at your skin, so smooth and soft. Here, let me put some lotion on you.”

Within seconds they had their hands all over you.

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