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I saw he was a bit of reluctant to sign the contract but after reading it he nevertheless did. It was cute to see him struggle with all the legal blah blah our legal department cooked up.

“Glad you are so eager to start, I thought maybe start with a small tour of some of our facilities, after that maybe lunch and meet some of your coworkers.”

I took back the contract, dropped it on my desk and walked towards the door. “Are you coming?”

On our way to the lab I turned my head to him. “It’s quite a distance so let me inform you about what’s next. We are producing some very delicate materials, real gentech. This happens in our laboratory’s which are so called ‘clean rooms’. We have to be very careful with contamination, so first off we are going to the showers, to make sure you are totally clean. Top to bottom, inside and out.”

I smile as I see a nervous smile on his face.

“Even the smallest peace of genetic material can influence our products, so it is absolutely necessary. I hope you are not shy, the showers can be a busy place.”

As we enter the showers, it is indeed busy.

“O, hello girls. Let me introduce Andrew Bayer, he will be working with us at marketing.”

As soon as the girls notice him they start cheering and clapping as a welcome. “O, wow, a new one! Welcome Andrew, be sure to come by our dorms once you settled in“Hey cutie, want to join us in the shower?” “Great you are here, will you rub my back?”

“Easy, easy girls. In time you all will meet him. Just let him get his shower”

Of course it is a bit overwhelming for him and I realize I didn’t mention the showers were co-ed.

“O, I’m sorry I forgot to mention. We have very few men working here so it seemed a waste to make separate showers.”

I grab his wrist and pull him along to the back to a separate shower cabin. “First time is always in this separate cabin. We use a special shampoo and soap in here. Just put your clothes over there and hop in. Start with the shampoo first, make it very thorough. Don’t wash out and wait for the body soap. It spurts  out from everywhere, so watch your eyes.”

Inside the shower cabin there are a lot of nozzles, ready to squirt everywhere.

“Once you are all soaped up, clean yourself as good as you can, after that you can wash out. This whole cleaning will take a while, but it is just the first time. Just wait until it is finished.”

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