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I listen very carefully to him and observe his reactions. He seems somewhat cautious, crossing his legs, keeping up that big smile of his…

liking what he told me, trophy, grooming and molded were exactly the things we deal with here at the corporation, I nodded in confirmation.

“This interview is just about getting to know you a bit, as far as I am concerned we gladly take you in  as our new intern. So what’s left is just the matter of the contract. Since you will get acquainted with our company secrets you will have to sign a non disclosure agreement not to tell anyone what’s going on in here. There are also some other rules and stuff inside, all the regular legal stuff. If you just sign at the bottom, I’ll send you a copy by mail. If you have any questions later, just ask. I’ll can probably answer most, but if necessary our legal department can answer on the details.”

I pick up a contract from the table beside me and hand it to him. Even when he wants to read it, he won’t find anything about the real reason we get him to sign it. It is filled with cleverly hidden references in which the real content is hidden. So, as soon as he signs it, he is ours.

“Once you’ve signed, we can get into the nitty gritty of our corporation. As Samantha might have told you we produce a large range of products targeted mainly towards women. Our aim is to keep them healthy and beautiful so they can be a valuable asset to our society. We make several kinds of drugs, protheses etcetera.”

“Recently we started with a special product line focused on males, so your arrival here has got the right timing since we are working on the marketing strategy right now. With your background you could be a perfect addition to our team.”

Just at that moment Louise entered the office with the requested tea and cookies.

“Perfect timing Louise, would you be so kind to poor our new marketing executive a cup of tea?”

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