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…all of a sudden Mistress Dyvia tugs sharply on the leash leading me in to a side room all I see in the centre of the room is a somewhat futureistic shower cubicle. Mistres drags me to the front of it and then presses some buttons on the touch screen, there is a hiss and does slide apart. The cubicle lights up a broght led infra red colour, it distracts my attention untill Mistress pushes me inside and turns me around she then bends down and lifts a ring hidden in the floor she pulls it out clips it to the chain on my ankles and presses another button it retracts and forces me to remain stood in the centre of the cubicle. Next my wrists are released and then hooked to another ring that lowered from the ceiling of the cubicle again another button and that hook also retracts pulling my hands above my head now I can’t go any where. Mistress then takes 2 oval shaped rubber patches and sticks them over each of my eyes again I’m left totally blind and worrying what’s going to happen next I hear two words form Mistress “Enjoy Slave!” 

There is a hiss and I guess that the doors have just closed, shortly after this the is a beep and a sexy robotic voice says Program 1 initiation process” then making my jump jets of warm liquid start to spray from all directions covering every part of my skin. OH MY GOD it’s starting to tingle! No it’s not tingling it’s burning I start to struggle and again bite down on the penis gag in my mouth and squirts more of the unknown syrum in to my throat and I start to drift back in to subspace as the process continues.



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