Reply To: A Case of Mistaken Identity


“You are a sweetie aren’t you? You are surrendering to the ‘pinky-ness’ of your new world as we say here. When you ask for us, the natural girls to give you your name, that says that you recognize the superiority of ‘the smell’ don’t you?”

You put your finger under my nose, after briefly fingering yourself. The scent makes me horny, and I’m reminded of how constricted my member is.

“If you want to take the name of the artist, we should call you Melandren but the corporation would not approve. If you wanted a name that represents your femininity, {~giggle ~giggle} then perhaps we should call you um Vagina! That has sort of a regal sound; would you like that name, Vagina?” {~hee ~hee ~hee}

“Please not that,” I say with a slight chuckle and a bit of nervousness.

“If that one is too feminine even for you then how about we call you Naomi? I like it because it’s easy to spell on the forms; think about it. But you did remind me of a task I must perform. You may feel like your skin is extra smooth but it is not sensitive enough until I apply the cream, oui.”

“Naomi is a lovely name. Thank you.”

You open a jar of cream and begin to liberally apply it all over my body. As it absorbs into my skin, I start to really notice even the slightest touch. You then begin to apply it to my ass and I tense up and breath in sharply. You are very thorough with this region.

My skin feels almost super-human. The sensation of a touch is so heightened that it is reminiscent of a chill running down ones spin.

“Thank you for applying the cream. My skin feels much more sensitive.” I feel a breeze as the ac kicks on and find my nipples becoming erect from the sensation. I take my arms and wrap myself with them and shiver slightly. I notice a thermostat in arms reach. Without thinking I reach out and increase the temperature. 

You glare at me in shock and disapproval. I instantly realize I severely overstepped.




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