Reply To: Ditzy’s Inheritance (Private: for Miss Luzette)


The walk down the stairs trying to keep my balance still not completely confident in these Pointe shoes I can tell that miss Luzette it’s quite taken with the way the Maids have made me up.

She spend some time caressing my body before making her way to my ass and slipping a finger into my sore butthole.

She then hands me a purse which I take without thinking she pops my lipstick and adds a little Foundation to my face, before informing me that I will have to reapply this every half hour on my face or my lips will start to feel like they are burning.

And then forced to attempt to curtsy to my stepmother I lick my lips before doing so and smile as I try to bend with a smile on my face. I’m definitely going to need some training how to perform a proper sissy curtsey what I was doing was way too sloppy for anyone to accept.

I then wait for you to leave me out resigned to my fate and reading Heathrow Terminal. Hoping that they at least use a private jet.



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