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For a moment I have the feeling my sucking up to Nooky has worked. At least the option of getting rid of me seems to have disappeared. But I realize I am not out of the woods yet.

Unfortunately though she points her attention to Keiko and she seems to have different plans. With a snap of her fingers she makes Louise bring up the dress she picked out for Mary.

It’s clear having Louise pick out a dress was a bad idea. It’s a pink monstrosity if I ever saw one. And now Keiko wants me to wear it. ‘wants to bury in pink’.

“Please miss Nooky, honorable Doyenne, it’s clear Keiko wants to take revenge on me. This dress is clearly both too pink and too small. Your organization has put so much effort in making me look like a woman, wouldn’t it be much better if I dress more appropriate? Louise, you must agree, this dress just isn’t me…”

O my god, now I am practically begging to put me in another dress, what has become of me? I smile at Louise, hoping she will support me. I am afraid she will be too scared herself to stand up to Keiko though.

My eyes wander to the closet where Louise got the dress from, hoping to see something better.

“What about something black and white perhaps? My blonde hair would come out much better.”

From the point I am standing I can only make out colors, they all seem the same shape from where I’m standing.

I know there is little chance I can change her mind, but at least I have to try, otherwise Keiko will have me dressed like some colorblind kid.



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