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I observed the situation at the reception desk with amazement. The boy was so self-obsessed that he barely paid attention to Louise and rather played with his phone instead. Hmm, I wonder what his angle really was…

I decided to meet him in person, he waited long enough. I touched up my make up and headed to the lobby. I was surprised he barely was aware of his surroundings. He seemed totally engulfed by reading the woman’s magazines on the table. I stopped right in front of him.

“You must be mister Bayer? Reading up on the latest fashion?” I smiled at him “I am Bethany Willings. You were late, so I am afraid we have to be quick with our interview. If you will please follow me, we can start right away. Do you want some tea, perhaps?”

I had to bent over to give him a handshake.

“Louise, can you take care of some tea in my office please, perhaps some biscuits as well?”

Louise knew what was expected of her. This Andrew Bayer wasn’t the first new intern here.

Without giving him any further attention I walked up the stairs to my ‘introduction’ office, a room with practically everything I needed to get Andrew processed.

Halfway the stairs I stopped for a second to adjust one of my stockings.

In the office I led my guest to the comfortable seats. “Please sit down, Andrew. You don’t mind if I call you by your first name, do you?”

I crossed my legs and held my hands on my knees, looking up at him expectantly. “So tell me a bit about yourself, what kind of experience do you have in the pharmaceutical industry. You worked under Samantha I understand? “

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