Reply To: Michael arrives for an interview.

 Adam Lore 

“H-hey! Cut it out, it tickles!”

Just as I thought, you could be an interesting case, with all the reliable, visible signs of your unusual high receptiveness for the sensations at your typical primal sissy-erogenous regions, you relapse into your old pattern of reluctance and resistance. I know it’s better for our business, but it bores me.

“I do not wonder anymore, why you decided to plagiate instead of write something of your own. Obviously every word from you lacks a minimum of esprit or uniqueness. Lets get rid of this . . . ”

Crooning an improvised version of an old folk-song “Where have all the mouth gags gone, long time passing, where have all the mouth gags gone, long time ago, Where have all the mouth gags gone, sissies shout from dust till dawn, when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn?” I rummage through the drawers to find a simple mouth gag for you. But the only thing I see is a dildo gag with two penetrating ends.

Walking over to you I order, “Open up your mouth little sissy and say ‘Ah’.” To my uttermost surprise *ironic* that doesn’t work and I slap your face, hard . . . two times. “The sissy wants to play it rough?” Without any further comments about your lamenting I close your mouth and nose with my right hand to prevent any breathing. After 30 seconds I allow you a single breath.

With every next try I extend the time of your breathlessness by 10 seconds until you eventually will open your mouth for a single big breath wide enough for me to shove the gag through your teeth.

“You look silly with that protruding member in that ridiculous wrong place, but now you’ve got one countable dick at least.” I take your foreseeable protests willfully as a misunderstanding. Pretending you are moaning, “Yes of course, Miss Bobber, you are absolutely right, I should open the door, to make sure some males around can hear your calls. I adore how well you start to fit again into your new role as female. Of course you know, that scientific research ascertains, that the loud vocal sounds of copulating females are probably birdcalls for other males around to join. This way the females in heat try to make sure, that they are inseminated by the fittest male around. I see it as a nice and most welcome sign of acceptance on your side.”

I open the door to the busy hallway a gap, just enough for everybody to hear what’s going on inside and to peek through.

The minimum duration for the epilation foam to make his impact is over and I open the cold water for the hand shower. I let the cold water run over your feet and down your legs, rinsing the foam and your hair away.

“You are a tough sissy, aren’t you? You don’t need warm water for washing, am I right? In case you would prefer it a little bit warmer, you may nod your head twice. Otherwise, just shake it or do nothing, I don’t care a pap for it.”

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