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 Anne Starr 

This girl is intriguing to me, very “colorful” to say the least! She takes the lipstick right out of my hand! That’s rude…she then sticks it in her bra! That’s what purses are for!

“Don’t fall in love with the first tube that comes your way, especially if your not experienced with make up.” 

Mmmm, the little twit is getting on my nerves, I chose not to waste my time looking like whore…

“I on the other hand well,..let me show you”

She then dumps a pile of cosmetics on the table for me to look at…She takes my hand and runs it over the tubes and other cosmetic containers . This girl really needs help.

“Check some of these out girlfriend, I actually have more back in my private compartment”

Mmm, private compartment huh…rich little twit.

“Opps, ..Sorry …I must have dropped something…Enjoy the make up, I’ll be right back.

She then goes under the table to retrieve what she dropped….It must have rolled under my chair because I feel her reaching between my legs…Out of curtesy I spread my legs to allow her access to her lost cosmetic….she actually spreads my legs wider with her body as her head is in my crotch. I begin to blush as I feel the heat of her breath under my skirt!! This is humiliating!!!

“Do you have any questions about the various products?……While I’m here can I ask you what kind of knickers, you know panties do you wear?

I must be bright red!!!?….I attempt to close my legs, but she is between them!!!”PARDON ME! What kind of question is that! Get up this instant! ”

Oh my lord help me! I’m trying to push her from between my legs…. Every ounce of common sense tells me to get up and leave this freak!!! But….I can’t !!!! She is very far from the flock but I must try to save her……

“Listen! Get your head out of my crotch! ” Im really breathing heavy and totally embarrassed. My lord is testing me with this one for sure…I see flashes of light from under the table??? Weird…

“Listen…yes…..bimbo is the perfect name you! Have you heard of respect of someone’s dignity before!!!! It’s inappropriate and totally unacceptable to look up a ladies skirt!!! Why do you want to know about my panties? ”

I should just walk away…It’s a good thing shes Catholic….They are the only ones who do exorcisms….And that’s what she needs……….I must help her..She comes up and she can tell I’m very flustered. I’m really breathing hard, and know I’m beat red. Just calm down….

“First of all a coven is for witches. You insult me by even implying that! Second of all, my panties vary depending on my outfit. Today I’m wearing a thong because I don’t want panty lines. I have bikinis, thongs, g strings etc…I like quality panties so mine favorites are VS and La Perla. …….Can I see more of your lipstick colors?”








Anne is:

⊂Collared⊃ By Miss Andromeda Starr

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  • This reply was modified 5 months ago by  Anne Starr.


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