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 Chantay Blaise 

My aroused state had almost subsided when Bimbo, without warning reaches over and begins to handle my junk. Before I can utter a word, she responds to my previous reply by calling me “pussy-whipped.” She quickly pulls a bottle of perfume from her purse and dashes a few mists of her ultra feminine scented perfume on me. Bimbo suggests two other females who might entertain my request and points them out to me.

I feel a bit emasculated as she giggles when she remarks: ”Gawd, a guy like you, pussy-whipped; I wouldn’t have guessed it although maybe I should. Actually the perfume lends the sissy vibe to your presentation; you’re welcome. If it helps, I’ll be videoing your adventure on my phone. Don’t worry; you’ll get paid if anyone uses it for profit.” ~hee ~hee

I simply smile at her and thank her for her time as I depart from her presence. I pause for a moment in thought as I decide which girl to approach next:

Wow..that didn’t go as I hoped. Not only was I unable to get that broad to put some lipstick on me, she almost couldn’t stop giggling as sbe referred to me as pussy wbipped. Now she has doused me down with her girly perfume which will add a “sissy vibe to my presentation” as she calls it. Good grief…now anyone I ask to put lipstick on me will automatically assume that I am a little pansy, a fairy, no matter what I say.

I feel so humiliated, but what does she know? I am far from pussy whipped that’s for sure. I use to be a real “player”. The ladies were knocking my door down just to get a piece of me. I could make all the ladies hot with just a smile…a real panty dropper. Alright…I just gotta regroup and approach another girl. I think I am gonna sboot for the sassy blonde.

Just be cool. Only this time, I won’t reveal that the reason I am making such an odd request is due to a girl. Bimbo nearly laughed me out of the building for that one. I try to tell people the truth, but it didn’t help much with Bimbo. Think…think…what reason can I give for asking this next girl to smear my lips with her lipstick? I got it…it is totally believable too. Alright…here goes another shot at it.

I approach the sassy blonde and introduce myself. ” Excuse me madam, I don’t mean to disturb you, but could I ask you a big favor? Forgive me please…allow me to introduce myself. My name is Derek Heath and I am an actor. I came here this morning to take care of some business, but now I am running a bit late.

You see…I am auditioning  for the part of a Marilyn Monroe look a like in a small production. I need to arrive “in character” if I hope to get the part. It seems that as I was in a hurry to depart from home this morning, I forgot a few things. So if you don’t mind, would you let me borrow some lipstick?…and would you please put it on me? I am not accustomed to using makeup as you are so that will help speed things up too? I will be happy to pay you to doll my lips up. Sound okay to you?”




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