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I went through his application. Tsk, tsk, such a mess it was. What was it with the education in this country these days? It was clear this boy wasn’t management material at all, just a bundle of blah blah, probably thinks he knows the world.

If it wasn’t for Samantha’s request, I wouldn’t have spent any more time on this fellow. Sam, Samantha Harden, CEO of Harden Pharma was an old friend of the corporation. Harden Pharma itself was a regular supplier of us for the more regular drugs and, as I was told, was even connected to us somehow.

Because of this I took a better look at this Andrew. I started with social media accounts… O my god, now things get a lot more clear. Let’s have a look at what our research department found… hmm, friends, just a few… family… work experience… assets… phone report… browser history… hmm, interesting…

A quick look at the clock learned me he was late too. I was just about to call Louise at the reception desk when my phone rang.

“There is a mister Bayer at the desk, Andrew Bayer. I wonder if perhaps he had an appointment with you, Miss Willings. He seemed to have misplaced his contact information.”

I loved Louise, always professional, even with boys like this Andrew Bayer.

“Thank you Louise, this one is here for me. Just tell him I will be right there. Just sign him in and let him take a seat on the couch in the lobby. O, and show him some skin too. No seduction, just a little tease. I want to see how he reacts.”

I switched my computer to the security camera’s in the lobby. High definition and perfect sound gave me a good way to observe how patient our new pet really was.

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