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Now. With Keiko around, things seem to get even more sinister. As if removing my heart or castration wasn’t enough yet, she suggests me riding the pink bicycle. As the first two seem a bit extreme, it looks like Keiko’s third choice might be the most obvious one. Her remark about my last natural hole gives me the shivers.

Putting my practically virgin asshole onto that machine seems far from pleasurable. For a moment my eyes slide over the machine. Like often in stress moments you tend to see all kinds of stupid details. The thing has an usb connection, so it probably has an immense range of possibilities I dare not think of. Instinctively my little tightens up just thinking about it.

My mind desperately tries to think of an answer that will somehow please Miss Nooky enough so she won’t put any of the ideas into action.

“Please Miss Nooky, honorable Doyenne…”

Well, I should at least try to get on her good side

“…Please consider the advantage you could gain by using this testosterone motivated male. Perhaps there are things I could do for you…”

As my mind tried to think of a good example to support this line of thought I fall silent… Fuck, why can’t I come up with anything useful. I’m getting really nervous now. Everywhere I look in this room I am confronted with females and femininity, even my own image looks feminine. Only inside me there is some masculinity left to which I can’t seem to tap in.


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