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I hear the click as the leash is attached to my collar and then Mistress slowly starts to lead me out of the room we were in. I stumble nearly falling flat in my face realising just how short the chain is between my ankle cuffs are but recover before I do.

Mistress leads the way slowly towards the elevator on the ground level of the building and presses the call button. The lift arrives and the doors open, Mistress tugs on the leash pulling me inside.
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She then puts a special key in the lift under the buttons for the above levels but the lift states to decend not go up, I thing to my self strange I never seen a basement button. The lift then stops and the doors open and Mistress leads the way again then in to double doors labels up as the remodel centre butnit dosnt quote register what it said or ment.

I’m then walked over to a person in a white latex lab coat who stick a needle in my arm I gasp behind the gag sending more syrum in to my throat leading to more responsive subspace.

After the shock of the needle Mistress again leads me on slowly as I try to keep up. We enter in to another room it is dark and all I see is the reflection of my rubber covered body in the mirror

But my eyes jump wide open when I she Mistress pick up the scalpel exact knife I freeze deadly still in panic not to be cut as she professionally starts to cut all the rubber from my body only leaving the wrist, ankle cuffs and belt attached to me. A shiver runs over my entire body as the worm air touches it for the 1st time I’ve felt in years that I’m aware my penis is stood at full Mast now harder then ever free from its latex confines.

Mistress don’t look impressed! I notice how much weight I’ve lost since the last time I seen my self in the mirror I look at my self proudly but can’t help think how a little girly my body looks all of a sudden I’m distracted by Mistress speech again…

I don’t know what you looked like before. But this is what you like now. The person below the doll.” She pauses, “BY this time tomorrow, you will not look like this. You will not have a penis. Would you like me to help you cum one last time as a male?

Listen submissively to her untill I hear the words “You won’t have a penis” I start to panic but after the next words my penis takes over the thoughts of my brain “Would you like to cum…..” I don’t hear the rest of the sentance but immediately “blink once” to Mistress signaling yes and nod my hear desperate to cum maybes even fuck Mistress all other thoughts are gone from my head but the urge to fuck my Mistress.



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