Reply To: A Fitting Alternative to Prison

 sissy stacie 

I look up at Mrs Dyvia as she asks me if I would like a dress to wear, something slutty, or would I prefer to go naked? with all that has happened, I can’t bear to face anyone naked. I can’t believe I am about to ask the question I’m about to ask! Mrs Dyvia may I please have a dress? and not a slutty one please. People are going to stare at the freak enough as it is. why would I want to attract attention to a now mutilated sexless freak?

Mrs Dyvia also asked me am I ready to fuck. How can I be ready to fuck, My dick is gone, how can I ever be ready to have sex again? I know what she means by this question but I am hoping against hope that she does not expect me to be…..

Yes, I wanted to meet my sponsor, but he has won and I can’t face him now. He or She did this too me and now I am too be paraded in front of them? I refuse, I am going to sit right here. the only way you will get me to willingly walk in front of the sponsor is to spank me harder than my domineering mother ever did!

         and as strong as I now know you are, I doubt you are as strong as my mother was.

    Besides Mrs Dyvia wouldn’t dare spank me, her master or Mistress or sponsor as she calls them would not allow it, besides she has these damn tree sized sissy bitch security guards that look more like Marines than security guards.

It’s going to take more sissies bitches than you got to get me in front of this god damn bastard sponsor!



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