Reply To: A Fitting Alternative to Prison

 sissy stacie 

      How long have I been out? What the hell happened? Where the hell am I? WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE TO MY BODY?

I have tits! 

I slide my hand down between my legs and I am horrified at what I find… or more correctly what I don’t find, my dick is gone! 

You psychotic bitch, look what you have done to me! You mutilated my body, I am a freak now, my life is over! why the hell did you choose me! I was sent her to do 4 months of community service for a crime I did not commit, not to be tortured, humiliated and deformed by a psycho! I will never be able to settle down with a good woman now! why didn’t you just kill me?

I think to myself what do I do now? I am a freak now. How can I possibly live my life now that I can’t produce a son. I am not thinking about escaping this place anymore. I now know how a woman born to this world as a woman feels!


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