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I look pleadingly in to her eyes but as the syrum takes more effect my head starts to submissively lower to the ground. I jump as she starts to speak again:…

Normally this is where I would take my new girls for a makeover… but honestly, what is the point? you won’t see your face or hair anytime soon.

My eyes jump wide open as I hear the word “girls” and “makeover” but it gets worse hearing you won’t see your face or hair anytime soon”

What did she mean by this I bite down on the phallic gag again releasing more syrum as I fallen even deeper in to subspace that I’m hardly responsive and don’t realise what’s going on, even as Mistress starts to release my restraints from the crate and replace them with new anklets and the hobble chain and cuffs my hands secured to my belt. All this time I just relax and let Mistress do her thing to me.

I become fully free from the crate but don’t make no dash or try to run for it as it’s helpless even if it wernt for the syrum in my body. I hear the words “are your ready”

I look up and see the leash in it instantly I take a small step forward raise my head a little and offer the D ring on my collar for Mistress to attach the leash to. My mind is telling me to stop the but body automatically and submissively resonds to what it hopes Mistress is wanting me to do.


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