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 Chantay Blaise 

The hot blonde doesn’t laugh at me for making such an unusual request as I assumed she would. It seems my introduction has interupted her love affair with her phone as she turns to address me with a tone of frustration to her voice. Her name…Belinda Inez Mary Baxter..but informs me the acronym…Bimbo will suffice. I soon learn she is a headhunter for L.A. Productions and she directs a series of questions and remarks at me as we engage in conversation.

…”So you’d like to wear lipstick, no my lipstick specifically and you want me to apply it to you right here in this busy lobby, huh?”…. you gotta a dick, right? I’m not talking to a post-op, trans-something am I?”

blushing ” Um…uh..yes ma’am…I want to wear your lipstick. I know it is an unusual request…which obviously leads to other questions. we go…yes…I am all man here. How big is it you ask? Well, big enough…let me just put that way. This is a little embarrassing for me, but hopefully a closer view will help.”

I then step forward, giving Bimbo a closer view of my tented khakis. She then asks the big question… So tell me: Why would a dude like you want to embarrass, humiliate actually, himself in front of a crowd by having lipstick applied by a stranger like me?” She goes on to ask if I would be willing to sign with L.A. Productions, assuring me I would be a good fit in the femdom category with her promotion skills. Bimbo makes it clear if I agree, she would be more than pleased to “cream my lips with her stuff.”

I listen as she speaks and process my thoughts: This chick will oblige me with lipstick if I agree to do porn…and femdom porn at that? Why femdom porn? I guess approaching her with a hard cock and asking her for lipstick does lead her to certain assumptions. I mean…I did have a feminization kink, but that was a while back. I have never told anyone about it. Besides, no way I can agree to that just for some lipstick. Well, here goes nothing.

Not wanting to be dishonest with her and at the same time, abiding by Picasso’s directive which prevents me from revealing that this is all part of my therapy, I attempt to respond to her query: “Ma’am..I could easily offer you a believable story, such as I have a wager with friends aimed at getting a beautiful lady like you to smear lipstick on me. They would be amused for sure and  I would make a nice little profit off the bet,  but my request is a real one. I am sorry, but I am unable to give you all the details, but I can tell you that I am in a relationship with a girl I care about. If I don’t do this, I could lose her.

I realize that asking you for lipsick in my aroused state leads you to make some inferences. I just can’t agree to your terms…I can’t do porn ma’am. I can also assure you that this isn’t an attempt to gratify myself either. If you can’t help me out with my request…I understand and will move on. Sorry for taking up your time. Thank you for hearing me out though.”

I take a step back from her and await her reponse.




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