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After an hour or two of the Maids poking and prodding me then insisted that I waddle around the room in a large nappy well they laughed and mocks me.

After were the girls began to get bored of that and decided to play dress up. And place me in my very own special maid uniform.

Because then I won’t be staying with them long and didn’t want me to be too unruly for my new Guardians they place me in Pointe shoes and locks them in place.

I spent the next couple of hours learning to walk in his painful heels was being mocked and molested are the other mates.


Miss Plough decides to have a going away party with me in the servants quarters where she hangs out every made strap-on. “since we know once or twice you’ve had your way with one of two of the Maids” she says with a smile no not if any of the Maids had turned him down and some have that he didn’t do anything in retaliation. Of course some girls felt pressured not knowing what the Right Move was for the sexual fantasies of their boss.

“I think it’s fair that some the girls correction all the girls get to play with you for the night” it begins slowly then lube up my ass. One after the other they slowly insert the average size of panic objects into my rear and begin to pound away until they get tired.

At that moment they change with another one of the girls and the ordeal starts again. I stayed in and out of consciousness why my ass gets violated.

I’m lying on the floor exhausted sweaty and the sun begins to rise on a new day. Two girls come in pick me up take me to be cleaned.

They begin with an enema and then place me in a bubble bath where they scrub my body clean. Display that seems stuff my genitalia insuring it come out ejaculate. The stuff was pretty effective last night all I could do was dribble a little bit of pre cum well they violated me.

Replace my brown hair in a ponytail and tie it with a  pink ribbon. They then proceed to place some Pink frilly rubber panties on me and then pull the pink latex dress over my head zip it in place and lock it at the neck.

One of the girls hands me a new stick of lipstick which I apply without fuss and she locks white ballet shoes onto my feet.

And then lead down to the front of the Manor House. I put up no fuss last night’s ordeal still fresh in my mind my body is still exhausted.

When I see the women who do me to the state no matter what a contract may say they are the ones held me accountable to these barbaric actions, all I can do is look down in the feet.


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