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The power with which this small Korean army changed the situation is both scary and impressive. These girls are very disciplined, seem very well trained and look hot at the same time.

I’m just flabbergasted as to what happened, first they catch me, flip me upside down and carry me like a bag of potatoes back to this weird little girls room. Somehow Mary slipped away but Louise wasn’t so lucky. Surrounded by the army she is back to the room as well. Judging her reactions I have the idea she might know what lies ahead, or at least has an idea about it.

I’m just astonished about the whole situation and for the moment accepting that I’m helpless. Let’s see what will happen…

Then the gong sounds again, the army place themselves in military precision, first in a line, then opening up that line again to give Nooky a theatrical entrance. Wow, this is almost like a queen entering.

Nooky’s presence is impressive. Not only does she look stunning, with her expensive dress and perfect nails and miss universe looks, she also has a natural dominant aura around her. It’s clear to me immediately that this girl doesn’t fool around. I better be careful.

As soon as she directs her attention to me the army girls secure me by grabbing me by my wrists and securing my legs. By the tightness of their grip I realize they have a lot of experience with this. I am not going anywhere.

Only then she presents herself to me. She steps close to me letting her antique fan rest on my chest. The room falls quiet…

“Tell me Ben Willings: Why should you live?”

I feel a shiver run down my back. Although her voice sounds sweet, even in this short question her dominant nature shines through. It’s chilling.

I am dumbstruck to what to answer. Somehow I know that my answer could determine my future. If I’m to forward or brutal pain will certainly be a part of it, if I am to sweet she will read it as if I’m lying…

“eh… because I am no thread…”

Is the first thing I can come up with. I even tried to suppress the question mark behind my answer but am unsure if she picked up on it.

“… I mean, at heart I am a nice person…”

I bite my lips in an attempt to pull back my words, realizing my last words could sound cheesy. Shut up Ben, you’re getting yourself into trouble…

OOC: Sorry for the misunderstanding, glad you solved it.



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