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Miss jenny is really impressed with Yvonnes task. After dressing back she says:

“You have done a good task. When you are mine after your training I will use your services a lot and I hope you learn how to service a man because you will do the blowjobs to my lover and prepare him for me.”

Meanwhile I have dressed as a sissy maid again

“lola, it’s time you bring Yvonne to Miss Yasmine at the maids barracks. Yvonne, for your good job I will allow you to keep “my taste” in your mouth.”

I curtsey and say: “Yes Miss Jenny, I will proceed as you order and it will be a pleasure for me.”

and curtsey back and I verify that Yvonne is doing the same.

Then I change Yvonne shoes and lock them.

“I do that to avoid you a punishment because the sissy maid trainees have to wear her heels locked.

And the we move to the head Mistress office.

It moves to the post:



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