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I was actually enjoying myself with hosing down Louise and didn’t give much attention to that weird GONG. It was outside so why should I be alarmed…

Fast enough I knew I was wrong to ignore it when this small army of girls came marching in. Before I even knew what was happening I got a hard punch in the stomach which literally punched out all the air out of me. The bitches didn’t even give me a chance to catch my breath. Within seconds a few girls pulled me off the floor and next I found myself hanging upside down on their backs like a bag of potatoes.

Of course I tried to resist but after a short inspection by what looked like their leader they already started moving. Hanging upside down I felt the blood rushing into my head making me feel dizzy and confused.

I saw the room around me spin as the little army carried me outside. The girls almost ran and I had difficulty seeing where we were going. We passed Luzette’s room, crossed through a big hall, down some stairs, an office and something that looked like a prison with small barred rooms on each side. Then another stairway leading down.

Passing through all these spaces I vaguely saw some other girls. Some reacted almost scared while others laughed.

The army stopped for a moment in a small office with a secretary.

“This is the package for Miss Nooky” Some kind of secretary stepped up to me while one of the armygirls lifted up my head so she could look at me. “Yep, that’s our little problem. You can carry it in and secure it. Miss Nooky will be right there”

With the same pace as they had carried me around they brought me into a big space…



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